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Galaxy Trucker at the 2012 WBC 

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Galaxy Trucker WBC 2013
Conditions of contest
BEGINNER-LEVEL EVENT: If you are not familiar with Galaxy Trucker, attend the demo to see how easy this game is to play, and then dive in.

BRING A COPY OF THE GAME: While every effort will be made to accommodate every entrant, only those bringing a copy of the game are guaranteed entrance into this event. Upon checking in for a heat, please indicate to the GM if you have also brought any of the Expansions.

HEATS: Galaxy Trucker is a quick game.  There will be two heats.

SINGLE ELIMINATION ROUNDS: The goal of heat play will be to advance an optimal number of players to the semi-finals. Because the game plays well for 3-5 players, the tournament director will advance between 9 and 25 players to the Semi-finals, based on the number of entrants to the event.  If fewer than 25 games are played across all heats, all heat winners will advance.  The semi-final tables may have different numbers of players.  Only SF winners will advance to the Final.

TIE BREAKERS: If more than 25 winners emerge from the heats, then Advancers will be chosen via the standard HMW tiebreaks. If fewer than 25, all winners, plus enough extras to evenly balance tables.  Players without wins will be chosen based on second place finishers with the highest percentage of the table's highest score (assuming winner's score was positive).

EXPANSIONS: To accomodate newer players, players in the heats may choose to play with only the base game.  Semi-finals and finals will use expansions.  Players using the expansions will play either the final or semi-final scenarios as below.

SEMI FINALS: The Semi-final matches will be played with the first expansion "The Big Expansion." Players will use Class 1/2/3 ships, 1 Rough Road card per round, and will be deal 4 Evil Machinations cards, each player inserting one per round into the deck.  If it is a 5 player game, "Fifth Wheel" rules will be used.

FINAL: The final round will be played with both expansions (aka Anniversary Edition). Ships 2/3B/4 will be used.  Rough Roads and Evil Machinations will also be used.  Support Teams will not be used.  If it is a 5 player game, "Fifth Wheel" rules will be used.

SPECIAL RULES: The following cards will be removed from the event decks in the interest of speeding the game and reducing table tensions - Space Billiards, Robosmokeys.